Our Story !

Meet Juliette, the Founder of Green Rendez-Vous!

Tell us about your business...

Green Rendez-Vous delivers freshly handmade, organic, healthy meals, proteins snacks and desserts, to beautifully designed vending machines. We also offer a wide range of Healthy Snacks & Drinks only vending machines.

A touch screen walks customers through the ordering process: simply swipe a debit or credit card
and the healthy items are yours!

We offer vegan, vegetarian, low-gluten menus, and adjust our recipes with the seasons: Green
Rendez-Vous is a perfect complement to the existing offer, and available any time during the day.
The installation of the machine is extremely straightforward: we only need power (a regular plug!),
and we take care of servicing the machine fully.

We are growing to be an ethical, eco-friendly business, sourcing our ingredients locally wherever
possible, supporting local communities, and donating our unsold products to charity. Last year, all
our profits were given to charity too.

How did you come to start up?

The idea comes from the desire to help people sitting all day at a desk job on the computer, who
always have a hard time, over lunch, finding affordable, high quality, fresh, healthy snacks & items.
We want to make these more accessible, bringing our refrigerators to locations where you would
not typically be able enjoy seasonal, local, organic products.

I believe that healthy living contributes to helping people be happy , by reducing anxiety, boosting
self-confidence, strengthening harmony between the mind and the body, and optimising sleeping

Can you run me through a typical day?

Now that our business model is solid, after having made sure that our Green Rendez-Vous units are
ready for the day, loaded with our delicious items for people to buy, I focus on finding new locations
for Green Rendez-Vous’ expansion: I listen to our customers as they often tell us where they would
like to find us, and go from door to door, introducing Green Rendez-Vous to Universities, Hospitals,
Shopping Malls, Private Office Building, Public Places, etc. explaining how Green Rendez-Vous.

Also, together with the Chef, we have regular meetings to source healthy ingredients, and develop
new recipes: this week for instance, our customers have voted for an Apple Crumble and a Quinoa
Salmon Salad, we need to work on these two new items!

And then, the usual daily things entrepreneurs have to do: managing storage, stocks, packaging,
payroll, deliveries, accounting, employee training, etc.

What’s been the highlight for your business so far?

We are currently operating at the ExCel London exhibition center, the home to London’s leading
events, where we have our flagship unit, and we recently successfully launched our second unit
in Canary Wharf. We have many exciting challenges ahead in 2016!

What one thing couldn’t your business function without? Our customers, without hesitation! We
value customer feedback, suggestions, pictures posted on the social networks, may this be
Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and email directly sent to our Team. We are delighted when they
suggest new recipes that our Chef here at Green Rendez-Vous can develop for them specifically.

What’s the best thing about working for yourself?

Being able to share the values I have at heart:
sustainability, eco-friendliness, customer satisfaction. As well as the ability to help directly those in
need: Green Rendez-Vous donates unsold items to charity, while developing partnerships to help
fight hunger, food waste and obesity in the UK.

And the hardest part?

The entire business relies on yourself. Nothing is happening unless you work hard!

What do you wish you’d known when you first started out?

There are so many challenges for a small business that I can’t think of one in particular...

If you could go back and change one thing what would it be?

I would definitely get that picture of a giant Darth Vader eating our signature Chicken Caesar Salad at Excel Comic Con last October! Priceless!!

How does your FSB membership help?

The FSB provides 24/7 advice via a dedicated helpline and legal support to UK start-ups, together with documents available online. This was particularly useful to Green Rendez-Vous as we took on board our first employee.

Where will the business be in five years’ time?

We are aiming to expand throughout London to many new locations, so if you are reading this and can help us spread all over the place, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We currently have two units, and would ideally like to expand our field of locations to seven to ten by the end of the year 2016. Our ambition this year would be to invest into our own eco-friendly refrigerated van, to go from one location to the other, enabling us to drive to the charities to give unsold items: currently, we carry these with shoulder bags.

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