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LifeBox x Green Rendez-Vous

Lifebox x Green Rendez-Vous

Illustration by @mousskalin

Today is a great day, as it sees the concretization of an amazing collaboration: we just partnered with Lifebox, the successful subscription box that comes with lots of healthy snacks from the coolest brands!

As we share the same values and love the same brands, it was obvious that we had to do something together. That’s why you can now buy your Lifebox from our St Pancras/Eurostar vending machine – how exciting! Inside, you’ll get Emily Crisps’ pineapple crisps, Brave roasted peas, Higher Living strawberry & watermelon tea, Vivid matcha green tea and Boost Ball protein balls for a ridiculous price 🙂

We really hope you like it as much as we do, and hopefully we will extend this partnership to some even greater ideas for the future!

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