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Green Rendez-Vous Catering for Election Day!

We had the honour of catering for hundreds of volunteers that agreed to give an extra hand for the organisation of the French presidential election at London’s Lycée Français. If you wandered around South Kensington on April 23rd or May 7th, you may have seen the ginormous queue around the building. There were hundreds of thousands of people coming out to vote on both ballots! No need to say the volunteers deserved a delicious lunch to keep them going 🙂

The Green Rendez-Vous team took this mission very seriously (of course!) and we came out with 2 meal options, so that everybody could find something to their tastes.

What we offered for the first menu:
Compressed watermelon, onion and feta
Trio of Hams: home-cooked smoked gamon, honey-roast loin & rosettes of cured ham, garden pea delice, pea shoots, sunflower & pumpkin seeds
Raspberry mousse, raspberry liqueur jelly, chocolate shortbread, basil syrup

And for the second one, which was vegetarian:
Compressed watermelon, onion and feta
Grilled and smoked aubergine timbale, marinated rainbow tomatoes, crushed walnut, mango salad
Baked chocolate cheesecake, salted caramel crème fraîche, almond butter palmier

According to what we heard here and there, people seemed to love everything, as well as the service by our super motivated team 🙂

Just so you know, beside enjoying our salads and snacks in our healthy vending machines, you can also hire us for catering.

So if you fancy a Green Rendez-Vous meal for your events, please do write to us: contact@greenrendezvous.com

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