Welcome to the Green RendezVous!

Green Rendez-Vous is an ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable start-up contributing to healthier living. We deliver sweet & savoury snacks from an array of partners sharing our values, to the most unlikely destinations: custom-designed vending machines available 24/7, spread across London. 

The concept was fully designed to enable city workers and travellers to, despite their daily busy working schedules, enjoy healthy items, even when having to grab lunch in a rush or sit down at their computer desk over lunchtime.



In a nutshell…

We install high-end healthy vending machines

We also deliver seasonal healthy treats to offices (weekly or monthly)

Our Nutritional Therapist in training hosts talks, cooking classes and one-on-one health coaching sessions



Want a Green Rendez-Vous healthy vending machine in your office, school, hospital, station… ? 

Want healthy treats delivered to your office?

Want to organise a healthy food/wellness event with our Nutritional Therapist in training? 

>> Email us: contact@thegreenrendezvous.com !


Our Exclusive Partners
Find out which partnerships the Green Rendez-Vous aims at developing
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